all the beauty and majesty of nature

in shimmering glare

We develop and produce reflective panels with movable sequins for internal and external advertising, stage design and decoration

Air active signs with sequins and shimmering walls

Advertising design with glitter, paillettes, sequins, flakes, sparkly, sparkling, shimmering, glistening, living signs, signs with sequins, air signs, signs with flickering and movable reflective elements, circles, shining advertising or billboard sequins, this technology has a lot of interesting and characteristic features, all of this innovative technology "SolaAiR®", developed by specialists of the scientific-manufacturing company "Technology Reflection".

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Air active advertising is a unique patented technology, is made on the basis of decorative panels with iridescent sequins. Thanks to a wide range of colours sequins and possible application to the panel of any image, such advertising attracts 6 times more attention than a classic sign.

Decorative panels SolaAir® - used for the manufacture indoor and outdoor advertising signs, facades, design of the interiors of public places and private premises.

A fully autonomous system that does not consumes electricity and other resources, and at the same time, the image is in constant motion, flickering, flashes and shimmers of flowers.

The purpose of using technology SolaAir® — increase the attraction and concentration of attention. Research on the Russian market, advertising, the media that used such a system attracts more visual contacts compared with regular signs or light performance signs.

SolaAir® - unique technology

Created and manufactured in Russia

Elastic and flexible

The panel can be mounted on an uneven surface

Designs of any size

From 30 cm to unlimited number of square meters

Easy to install

Connecting elements
enough to snap in between
panels and the design is ready, no
need to use a basic substrate

Durability and strength

Panels are made from high quality materials that provide
service life up to 10 years

Easy throughout

Panel in 5 times lighter than analogues, is attached to the surface with screws, brackets and even two-sided adhesive tape

100% color retention

The coating is resistant to ultraviolet rays and has a high reflectance

Choose what exactly you need

SolaAir Standart

Overall size of 300x300 mm.

3 types of reflective elements
(circle, square, octagonal)

More than 20 basic colors
and special effects

SolaAir Pixel

Overall size of 290x290 mm.

1 kind of reflecting elements

More than 20 basic colors
and special effects

SolaAir Print

Print any image on the panels Standart, Pixel

4 methods of applying multicolor images

Own production, support, logistics

We offer you the best value products through the full cycle
production of components and materials


Minimum production time: 1 business day,
custom orders with large volume
from 3 to 7 working days.

The cost

The lowest cost implementation
of dynamic panels 

The contract and payment

We accept payment via
PayPay or Western Union.

Worldwide shipping

We ship by Express Air mail service

Warranty service

Warranty from the manufacturer
worldwide service for your business


100% support and help in
implementation of design solutions

We have partners around the world
Companies that trusted us!
Not sure how to properly implement the project
contact the Central office SolaAir:
Designer, Engineer
in the state of company
  • Experience in working with projects for over 7 years
  • Will find a solution tailored to Your industry
  • Will help to carry out the measurement
  • Will tell you how to reduce costs
  • Give advice on maintenance
Staff training
  • staff training of our clients
    reduces the risk of breakage of components
    due to improper installation by 93%
  • trained more than 50 people
Logistics without limits
Shipping in 24 hours
via express service EMS
from Russia around the world
Price list and user manual
A complete description of the system characteristics and technology of applying an image

You can download the price list and user's manual right now,
or send a request to us in the email.

Technology SolaAir® is protected by patents

SolaAir® is a registered trademark
Law in the Russian Federation are protected by patents

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